About Me

Hi! I’m Vicky, and I’m a data scientist.

I have always loved problem solving, and now I employ data analysis and machine learning to help me do it. 

I have a few hard skills of course — I use Python, SQL, and a wide variety of regression, classification, and clustering models to find patterns and make predictions from complicated data.

But I know more than just how to harness the power of a computer.

I am an inventive thinker, able to look at old problems in new ways to uncover novel paths to a solution.

I am an artist, with an eye for design and presentation. I love sharing data in a way that turns it from scary to understandable.

I always strive to learn new things, driving my exploration of the latest techniques to improve this growing industry.

Oh, and I went to Northwestern University, grew up in Brooklyn, and worked in advertising…

But you can find that out on my: LinkedIn

Check my code out on my: GitHub

And hear about my projects on: Medium